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A Combination of Intra- and Inter-place Work Stealing for the APGAS Library (2018)
Posner, J.; Fohry, C.
Contribution in edited book
A free boundary approach to the Rosensweig instability of ferrofluids (2018)
Parini, E.; Stylianou, A.
Journal article
Aktuelle naturwissenschaftliche Forschung in der Lehrerausbildung – erste Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt Contemporary Science (2018)
Ziepprecht, K.; Gimbel, K.; Frevert, M.; Roetger, R.; Mayer, J.; Di Fuccia, D.; Wodzinski, R.
Conference proceedings article
A model-based assessment of the environmental impact of land-use change across scales in Southern Amazonia (2018)
Schaldach, R.; Meurer, K.; Jungkunst, H.; Nendel, C.; Lakes, T.; Gollnow, F.; Göpel, J.; Boy, J.; Guggenberger, G.; Strey, R.; Strey, S.; Berger, T.; Gerold, G.; Schönenberg, R.; Böhner, J.; Schindewolf, M.; Latynskiy, E.; Hampf, A.; Parker, P.; Sentelhas, P.
Journal article
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