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Schlussbericht zum Projekt SimCast - Simulationsgestützte Prognose der Dauer von Logistikprozessen (2019)
Gliem, D.; Jessen, U.; Stolipin, J.; Wenzel, S.; Kusturica, W.; Laroque, C.
Schnittstellen von Behinderung und Migration in Bewegung (2019)
Westphal, M.; Wansing, G.
Contribution in edited book
Schulung für Anfänger (2019)
Mustermann, M.
Authored book

Self-aligned molding technology (SAMT) for fabrication of 3D structures with a foldable imprint mold

Smolarczyk, M.; Jablonka, L.; Reuter, S.; Hillmer, H.
Journal article
Setting behaviour of alkaline activated face concrete for paving slabs (2019)
Schade, T.; Wetzel, A.; Middendorf, B.
Conference proceedings article
Setup for multicoincidence experiments of photons in the extreme ultraviolet to visible spectral range and charged particles—The solid angle maximization approach (2019)
Hans, A.; Ozga, C.; Schmidt, P.; Hartmann, G.; Nehls, A.; Wenzel, P.; Richter, C.; Lant, C.; Holzapfel, X.; Viehmann, J.; Hergenhahn, U.; Ehresmann, A.; Knie, A.
Journal article
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