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Machines as teammates: A research agenda on AI in team collaboration (2020)
Seeber, I.; Bittner, E.; Briggs, R.; Vreede, T.; Vreede, G.; Elkins, A.; Maier, R.; Merz, A.; Oeste-Reiß, S.; Randrup, N.; Schwabe, G.; Söllner, M.
Journal article
Magnetic domains without domain walls: a unique effect of He+ ion bombardment in ferrimagnetic Co/Tb multilayers (2020)
Frąckowiak, Ł.; Kuświk, P.; Chaves-O’Flynn, G.; Urbaniak, M.; Matczak, M.; Michałowski, P.; Maziewski, A.; Reginka, M.; Ehresmann, A.; Stobiecki, F.
Journal article
Manual de lingüística del hablar (2020)
Schrott, A.
Edited book
Mapping Invasive Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. in Semi-natural Grasslands Using Object-Based Image Analysis of UAV-borne Images (2020)
Wijesingha, J.; Astor, T.; Schulze-Brüninghoff, D.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article

Material flow analysis of recycling systems

Schmidt, S.; Laner, D.
Contribution in edited book
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