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Oxygen-induced bilayer formation from silver monolayers on W(110) (1998)
Elbe, A.; Meister, G.; Goldmann, A.
Journal article
Oxygen-driven rearrangement of Ag and Au monolayers on W(110) studied by photoemission spectroscopies (2001)
Bürgener, M.; Holzapfel, W.; Meister, G.; Goldmann, A.; Holzapfel, W.
Journal article
Oxidative induction and performance of oil palm fiber reinforced polypropylene composites - Effects of coupling agent and UV stabilizer (2019)
Akindoyo, J.; Beg, M.; Ghazali, S.; Heim, H.; Mariatti, M.; Feldmann, M.
Journal article
Overview of machine learning and data-driven methods in agent-based modeling of energy markets. (2019)
Prasanna, A.; Holzhauer, S.; Krebs, F.
Conference proceedings article
Overview of Enforcement Instruments for Workers’ Rights along Supply
Scherrer, C.; Beck, S.
Contribution in edited book
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