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Big Data Analytics and Firm Performance: A Systematic Review (2019)
Maroufkhani, P.; Wagner, R.; Wan Ismail, W.; Baroto, M.; Nourani, M.
Journal article

Biologie: Eine digitale Expedition ins Tierreich.

Meier, M.; Kastaun, M.
Contribution in edited book
Blending CA with PBS to increase the bonding strength in two-component injection molding. (2019)
Klute, M.; Fuchs, J.; Heim, H.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
"Cause we come with the spirit of going to school" (2019)
Korntheuer, A.
Contribution in edited book
Cellular response upon proliferation in the presence of an active mitotic checkpoint (2019)
Corno, A.; Chiroli, E.; Groß, F.; Vernieri, C.; Matafora, V.; Maffini, S.; Cosentino Lagomarsino, M.; Bachi, A.; Ciliberto, A.
Journal article
Certification as Solution to the Asymmetric Information Problem? (2019)
von Wangenheim, G.
Contribution in edited book
Cloud-Based Monitoring for SPDs using Advanced Measuring Methods for Lightning Disturbance (2019)
Jörres, S.; Claudi, A.; Wetter, M.; Finis, G.; Sander, C.
Contribution in edited book
Commentary on "The Challenge of Transforming the Diagnostic System of Personality Disorders" (2019)
Hopwood, C.; Krueger, R.; Watson, D.; Widiger, T.; Althoff, R.; Ansell, E.; Bach, B.; Bagby, R.; Blais, M.; Bornovalova, M.; Chmielewski, M.; Cicero, D.; Conway, C.; Clerq, B.; De Fruyt, F.; Docherty, A.; Eaton, N.; Edens, J.; Forbes, M.; Forbush, K.; Hengartner, M.; Ivanova, M.; Leising, D.; Lukowitsky, M.; Lynam, D.; Markon, K.; Miller, J.; Morey, L.; Mullins-Sweatt, S.; Ormel, J.; Patrick, C.; Pincus, A.; Ruggero, C.; Samuel, D.; Sellbom, M.; Tackett, J.; Thomas, K.; Trull, T.; Vachon, D.; Waldman, I.; Waszczuk, M.; Waugh, M.; Wright, A.; Yalch, M.; Zald, D.; Zimmermann, J.
Journal article
Common and Contradictory Motivations in Buying Intentions for Green and Luxury Automobiles (2019)
Aliyev, F.; Wagner, R.; Seuring-Stella, S.
Journal article
Comparison of performance and fitness traits in German Angler, Swedish Red and Swedish Polled with Holstein dairy cattle breeds under organic production (2019)
Bieber, A.; Wallenbeck, A.; Spengler Neff, A.; Leiber, F.; Simantke, C.; Knierim, U.; Ivemeyer, S.
Journal article
Concept for selecting and integrating traceability systems in the continuous improvement process of SMEs (2019)
Kern, C.; Refflinghaus, J.; Trostmann, T.; Wenzel, S.; Wittine, N.; Herrlich, F.
Conference proceedings article
Connecting University Students from Israel and Germany (2019)
Finkbeiner, C.; Muchow, M.; Rozner, E.; Schonfeld, M.
Contribution in edited book
Considering Energy-related Factors in the Simulation of Logistics Systems (2019)
Poeting, M.; Prell, B.; Rabe, M.; Uhlig, T.; Wenzel, S.
Conference proceedings article
Conversion to organic and biodynamic viticultural practices: impact on soil, grapevine development and grape quality (2019)
Meissner, G.; Athmann, M.; Fritz, J.; Kauer, R.; Stoll, M.; Schultz, H.
Journal article
Crisis e identidad. Perspectivas interdisciplinarias desde América Latina (2019)
Schrott, A.; Witthaus, J.
Conference proceedings
CRISPR-Cas experiments for schools and the public (2019)
Ziegler, H.; Nellen, W.
Journal article
Criterion A of the AMPD in HiTOP (2019)
Widiger, T.; Bach, B.; Chmielewski, M.; Clark, L.; DeYoung, C.; DeYoung, C.; Hopwood, C.; Kotov, R.; Krueger, R.; Miller, J.; Morey, L.; Mullins-Sweatt, S.; Patrick, C.; Pincus, A.; Pincus, A.; Samuel, D.; Sellbom, M.; South, S.; Tackett, J.; Watson, D.; Waugh, M.; Wright, A.; Zimmermann, J.; Bagby, R.; Cicero, D.; Conway, C.; DeClercq, B.; Docherty, A.; Eaton, N.; Forbush, K.; Haltigan, J.; Ivanova, M.; Latzman, R.; Lynam, D.; Markon, K.; Reininghaus, U.; Thomas, K.
Journal article
Datenschutzrecht: DSGVO mit BDSG (2019)
Simitis, S.; Hornung, G.; Spiecker, I.
Edited book
Deflecting mode-I cracks in anisotropic materials (2019)
Ricoeur, A.; Judt, P.; Zarges, J.; Feldmann, M.; Heim, H.
Journal article
Der Gesetzgebungsprozess (2019)
Vedder, S.; Veit, S.
Contribution in edited book
Deterministic Single-Ion Implantation of Rare-Earth Ions for Nanometer-Resolution Color-Center Generation (2019)
Groot-Berning, K.; Kornher, T.; Jacob, G.; Stopp, F.; Dawkins, S.; Kolesov, R.; Wrachtrup, J.; Singer, K.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.
Journal article
Didaktik technischer Berufe - Theorie & Grundlagen (2019)
Tenberg, R.; Bach, A.; Pittich, D.
Authored book
Die parlamentarische Kontrolle digitaler Räume (2019)
Hornung, G.
Contribution in edited book
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