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Schlussbericht zum Projekt SimCast - Simulationsgestützte Prognose der Dauer von Logistikprozessen (2019)
Gliem, D.; Jessen, U.; Stolipin, J.; Wenzel, S.; Kusturica, W.; Laroque, C.
Schulung für Anfänger (2019)
Mustermann, M.
Authored book
Setting behaviour of alkaline activated face concrete for paving slabs (2019)
Schade, T.; Wetzel, A.; Middendorf, B.
Conference proceedings article


Schaffer, J.
Contribution in edited book
Social business collaboration at the bottom of the pyramid: The case of orchestration (2019)
Gold, S.; Chowdhury, I.; Huq, F.; Heinemann, K.
Journal article
Structural and Luminescence Properties of Anthracene- and Biphenyl-based Lanthanide Bis-Phosphonate Ester Coordination Polymers (2019)
Krekic, K.; Klintuch, D.; Lescop, C.; Calvez, G.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
Structural characteristics of organic dairy farms in four European countries and their association with the implementation of animal health plans (2019)
Blanco Penedo, I.; Sjöström, K.; Jones, P.; Krieger, M.; Duval, J.; van Soest, F.; Sundrum, A.; Emanuelson, U.
Journal article
Substitution of mineral fertilizers with biogas digestate plus biochar increases physically stabilized soil carbon but not crop biomass in a field trial (2019)
Greenberg, I.; Kaiser, M.; Gunina, A.; Ledesma, P.; Polifka, S.; Wiedner, K.; Müller, C.; Glaser, B.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Systematic assessment of critical factors for the economic performance of landfill mining in Europe: What drives the economy of landfill mining? (2019)
Laner, D.; Esguerra, J.; Krook, J.; Horttanainen, M.; Kriipsalu, M.; Rosendal, R.; Stanisavljević, N.
Journal article
Scenarios of land-use change in a deforestation corridor in the Brazilian Amazon: combining two scales of analysis (2018)
Gollnow, F.; Göpel, J.; de Barros Viana Hissa, L.; Schaldach, R.; Lakes, T.
Journal article
Schriftlichkeit und Wirtschaft im Römischen Reich (2018)
Ruffing, K.
Contribution in edited book
Schülervorstellungen im Anfangsunterricht (2018)
Wodzinski, R.; Wilhelm, T.
Contribution in edited book
Self-Generation in the Context of Inquiry-Based Learning (2018)
Kaiser, I.; Mayer, J.; Malai, D.
Journal article
Sensitivity assessment and evaluation of a spatially explicit land-use model for Southern Amazonia (2018)
Göpel, J.; Barros Viana Hissa, L.; Schüngel, J.; Schaldach, R.
Journal article
Sensitivity to Pigment-Dispersing Factor (PDF) Is Cell-Type Specific among PDF-Expressing Circadian Clock Neurons in the Madeira Cockroach (2018)
Gestrich, J.; Giese, M.; Shen, W.; Zhang, Y.; Voss, A.; Popov, C.; Stengl, M.; Wei, H.
Journal article
Sexualisierte Gewalt in poststrukturalistischer Theorieperspektive (2018)
Tuider, E.
Contribution in edited book
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