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Mustermann, M.; Almering, J.
Authored book
The Challenges of Routinizing for Building Resilient Startups (2019)
Haase, A.; Eberl, P.
Journal article
Tailoring Perpendicular Exchange Bias Coupling in Au/Co/NiO Systems by Ion Bombardment (2018)
Kuświk, P.; Gaul, A.; Urbaniak, M.; Schmidt, M.; Aleksiejew, J.; Ehresmann, A.; Stobiecki, F.
Journal article
The adherens junction-associated LIM domain protein Smallish regulates epithelial morphogenesis (2018)
Beati, S.; Peek, I.; Hordowska, P.; Honemann-Capito, M.; Glashauser, J.; Renschler, F.; Kakanj, P.; Ramrath, A.; Leptin, M.; Luschnig, S.; Wiesner, S.; Wodarz, A.
Journal article
The EU Legal Framework for the Enforcement of Consumer Law (2018)
Rott, P.
Contribution in edited book
The logarithmic finite element method. (2018)
Schröppel, C.; Wackerfuß, J.
Conference proceedings article
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