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Initiationsriten. Integration in die betriebliche Vertrauenskultur (2012)
Möller, H.; Clement, U.; Eberl, P.
Contribution in edited book
Improving Motion of Robotic Manipulators by an Embedded Optimizer (2010)
Ding, H.; Schnattinger, G.; Passenberg, B.; Stursberg, O.
Conference proceedings article
Im toten Winkel.
Gendermainstreaming macht Geschlecht zur bloßen Humanressource
Bereswill, M.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Intersektionalität (2017)
Bereswill, M.
Contribution in edited book
Interpersonal problems, dependency, and self-criticism in major depressive disorder (2015)
Dinger, U.; Barrett, M.; Zimmermann, J.; Schauenburg, H.; Wright, A.; Renner, F.; Zilcha-Mano, S.; Barber, J.
Journal article
Is there a Right Research Methodology for your Supply Chain Study (2005)
Seuring-Stella, S.; Müller, M.; Reiner, G.
Contribution in edited book
It was intuitive, and it felt good: a daily diary study on how people feel when making decisions (2019)
Zander-Schellenberg, T.; Remmers, C.; Zimmermann, J.; Thommen, S.; Lieb, R.
Journal article
Integration von Ridesharing in den ÖPNV (2019)
Harz, J.; Sommer, C.
Contribution in edited book