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Yvan Golls surreales Filmtheater (2004)
Sick, F.
Beitrag in einem Sammelband
Yield and composition of legume/grass mixtures during sward establishment - First results of a pot experiment (2005)
Himstedt, M.; Fricke, T.; Wachendorf, M.
Beitrag in einem Sammelband
Yeast killer toxins: Fundamentals and applications (2009)
Klassen, R.; Meinhardt, F.
Beitrag in einem Sammelband
Yeast killer plasmid pGKL2: Molecular analysis of UCS5, a cytoplasmic promoter element essential for ORF5 gene function (1996)
Schaffrath, R.; Meinhardt, F.; Meacock, P.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
Yuri Lotman on metaphors and culture as self-referential semiospheres (2006)
Nöth, W.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
You Can't Make Bricks Without Straw: Designing Systematic Literature Search Systems (2017)
Sturm, B.; Sunyaev, A.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband
You Don't Have to Believe Everything You Read: Background Knowledge Permits Fast and Efficient Validation of Information (2009)
Richter, T.; Schroeder, S.; Wöhrmann, B.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
Youth Care - Youth Punishment. Approaches to Juvenile Delinquency : a European Perspective. FICE Europe Publications (2002)
Höynck, T.; Soissen, R.; Trede, W.; Willi, H.