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Qualification Testing of Lightning Current Arresters used in DC Power Supply and Photovoltaic Systems (2012)
Claudi, A.; Finis, G.; Wetter, M.; Schäfer, F.
Conference proceedings article
Qualitative Bayesian Failure Diagnosis for Robot Systems (2014)
Kirchner, D.; Geihs, K.
Conference proceedings article
Qualitative behaviour assessment is independent from other parameters used in the Welfare Quality® assessment system for beef cattle (2012)
Kirchner, M.; Schulze Westerath- Niklaus, H.; Gutmann, M.; Pfeiffer, C.; Tessitore, E.; Cozzi, G.; Knierim, U.; Winckler, C.
Conference proceedings article
Qualitätskriterien für Simulationsstudien - Wunsch oder Wirklichkeit? (2004)
Weiß, M.; Collisi-Böhmer, S.; Krauth, J.; Rose, O.; Wenzel, S.
Conference proceedings article
Qualitätssicherung in der ökologischen Schweinemast (2004)
Ebke, M.; Sundrum, A.
Conference proceedings article
Quality assessment of wine from integrated, organic and biodynamic viticulture using image forming methods (2014)
Fritz, J.; Athmann, M.; Meissner, G.; Köpke, U.
Conference proceedings article