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Concepts of plant health - reviewing and challenging the foundations of plant protection (2012)
Döring, T.; Pautasso, M.; Finckh, M.; Wolfe, M.
Cereal variety and species mixtures in practice, with emphasis on disease resistance (2000)
Finckh, M.; Gacek, E.; Goyeau, H.; Lannou, C.; Merz, U.; Mundt, C.; Munk, L.; Nadziak, J.; Newton, A.; de Vallavieille-Pope, C.; Wolfe, M.
Challenges in imaging and predictive modeling of rhizosphere processes (2016)
Roose, T.; Keyes, S.; Daly, K.; Carminati, A.; Otten, W.; Vetterlein, D.; Peth, S.