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Silanol-Based Surfactants: Synthetic Access and Properties of an Innovative Class of Environmentally Benign Detergents. (2014)
Hurkes, N.; Ehmann, H.; List, M.; Spirk, S.; Bussiek, M.; Belaj, F.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
Socio-economic aspects of fodder production in Urban and peri-urban of Faisalabad (2014)
Ul Allah, S.; Khan, A.; Burkert, A.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article
Silanetriols in the gas phase: single molecules vs. hydrogen-bonded dimers (2012)
Spirk, S.; Berger, R.; Reuter, C.; Pietschnig, R.; Mitzel, N.
Journal article
Sozialer Wandel via Handel (1996)
Scherrer, C.
Journal article
Simultaneous iridium catalyzed oxidation and enzymatic reduction employing orthogonal reagents. (2010)
Mutti, F.; Orthaber, A.; Schrittwieser, J.; Vries, J.; Pietschnig, R.; Kroutil, W.
Journal article
Student retention and transition from primary to lower secondary school in Cambodia: Narrative insights into complex systems. (2014)
Edwards Jr, D.; Zimmermann, T.; Chhinn, S.; Williams, J.; Kitamura, Y.
Journal article