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Calculated level energies, transition probabilities and lifetimes of silicon-like ions (1998)
Kohstall, C.; Fritzsche, S.; Fricke, B.; Sepp, W.
Journal article
Calculating nitrogen deposition in Europe (1989)
Alcamo, J.
Journal article
Calculation of angular coefficients in the framework of GRASP92 (2001)
Gaigalas, G.; Fritzsche, S.; Grant, I.
Journal article
Calculation of conductance spectra of silver clusters on graphite (2006)
De Menech, M.; Saalmann, U.; Garcia, M.
Journal article
Calculation of inner-shell excitation in the collision system Ni-Pb (1997)
Anton, J.; Schulze, K.; Kürpick, P.; Sepp, W.; Fricke, B.
Journal article