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A Constitutive Model for Anisotropic Damage in Fiber-Composites (1995)
Matzenmiller, A.; Lubliner, J.; Taylor, R.
Journal article
Algorithms for m-fold hypergeometric summation (1995)
Koepf, W.
Journal article
A Search for the C3 Carbon Cluster in the Interstellar Medium (1995)
van Orden, A.; Cruzan, J.; Provencal, R.; Giesen, T.; Boreiko, R.; Betz, A.; Saykally, R.
Journal article
Assignment of new fluorescence lines from Kr III 4p³6s/5d states observed after excitation of the Kr I 3d5/2⁹ 5p-resonance (1995)
Ehresmann, A.; Kilin, V.; Schmoranzer, H.; Schartner, K.; Amusia, M.
Journal article