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Electron diffraction in angle-resolved UV-photoemission spectra from Au(111) (1996)
Paniago, R.; Matzdorf, R.; Meister, G.; Goldmann, A.; Braun, J.; Borstel, G.
Journal article
Electronic energies of Americium from multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculations (1996)
Johnson, E.; Krause, M.; Fricke, B.
Journal article
Emission scenarios and global climate protection (1996)
Alcamo, J.
Journal article
Ersatzreligion Arbeit? (1996)
Klumbies, P.
Journal article
Excitation function measurements of the dissociative photoionization excitation of N₂ (1996)
Kitajima, M.; Ukai, M.; Machida, S.; Kameta, K.; Ehresmann, A.; Kouchi, N.; Hatano, Y.; Hayaishi, T.; Ito, K.
Journal article