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Radiotoxicity of chronic ingestion of tritiated water on liver HMG proteins of swiss albino mice (1996)
Sharan, R.; Schaffrath, R.; Laltanpuia, L.; Schneeweiß, F.
Journal article
Reactive intermixing at the Au-InP(100) interface - new photoemission results (1996)
Sloboshanin, S.; Engelhard, H.; Stietz, F.; Schaefer, J.; Goldmann, A.
Journal article
Rechtsverbindliche Telekooperatin (1996)
Roßnagel, A.
Journal article
Reisen in die Vergangenheit (1996)
Bernhardt, M.
Journal article
Relativistic potential energy surfaces of small molecules and atomic clusters with heavy atoms (1996)
Varga, S.; Bastug, T.; Sepp, W.; Fricke, B.
Journal article