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Computing in Conceptual Data systems with relational structures (1997)
Stumme, G.
Conference proceedings article
CO Rydberg series converging to the CO⁺ D and C states observed by VUV-fluorescence spectroscopy (1997)
Ehresmann, A.; Machida, S.; Ukai, M.; Kameta, K.; Kitajima, M.; Kouchi, N.; Hatano, Y.; Ito, K.; Hayaishi, T.
Journal article
Coherent Control with Femtosecond Laser Pulses (1997)
Baumert, T.; Helbing, J.; Gerber, G.
Journal article
Can pictures lie? (1997)
Nöth, W.
Contribution in edited book
Calciumsulfatgebundene Fließestriche mit verbessertem Feuchtewiderstand (1997)
Middendorf, B.; Budelmann, H.
Contribution in edited book
Computerunterstütztes Lernen im Fachsprachenunterricht (1997)
Mitschian, H.
Contribution in edited book