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Improved resolution in HREELS using maximum-entropy-deconvolution: CO on PtxNi1-x(111) (1997)
von der Linden, W.; Dose, V.; Matzdorf, R.; Pantförder, A.; Meister, G.; Goldmann, A.
Journal article
Poincar? Series of Drinfeld type (1997)
Rück, H.
Journal article

Emergent value orientation in self-organization of an animat

Krebs, F.; Bossel, H.
Journal article
Ethnisch-residentielle Segregation von Migranten in Frankfurt a. M. und Amsterdam (1997)
Hennig, E.; Lohde-Reiff, R.; Schmeling, A.
Journal article
Talin-null cells of Dictyostelium are strongly defective in adhesion to particle and substrate surfaces and slightly impaired in cytokinesis (1997)
Niewöhner, J.; Weber, I.; Maniak, M.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Gerisch, G.
Journal article