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Femtosecond time-resolved observation of above threshold ionization in Na₂ (1997)
Assion, A.; Baumert, T.; Helbing, J.; Seyfried, V.; Gerber, G.
Journal article
Femtosecond pulse shaping by an evolutionary algorithm with feedback (1997)
Baumert, T.; Brixner, T.; Seyfried, V.; Strehle, M.; Gerber, G.
Journal article
Fabrication of Integrated Diamond Cantilevers with Tips for SPM Applications (1997)
Kulisch, W.; Malavé, A.; Mihalcea, C.; Oesterschulze, E.
Journal article
Friedenspolitik am Ende des Jahrhunderts (1997)
Strutynski, P.
Journal article
Femtosecond neutralization dynamics in cluster-solid surface collisions (1997)
Wrenger, B.; Meiwes-Broer, K.; Speer, O.; Garcia, M.
Journal article
Fluid-phase uptake by macropinocytosis in Dictyostelium (1997)
Hacker, U.; Albrecht, R.; Maniak, M.
Journal article