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CAI Instrument Usability Testing (1998)
Hansen, S.; Fuchs, M.; Couper, M.
Contribution in edited book
Calculated level energies, transition probabilities and lifetimes of silicon-like ions (1998)
Kohstall, C.; Fritzsche, S.; Fricke, B.; Sepp, W.
Journal article
Challenges of Globalisation to Engineering Education in Europe (1998)
Winkler, H.
Contribution in edited book
Chancengleichheit durch kollektive Arbeitszeitverkürzung? (1998)
Jürgens, K.
Conference proceedings article
Comment on the accuracy of the total energy of atoms (1998)
Fricke, B.; Fritzsche, S.
Journal article
Complex reflection groups, braid groups, Hecke algebras (1998)
Broué, M.; Malle, G.; Rouquier, R.
Journal article