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Offene Rechtsfragen des Signaturgesetzes (1998)
Roßnagel, A.
Journal article
Ohne Kraft keine Stärke. Theorie und Praxis von Sozialklauseln (1998)
Greven, T.; Scherrer, C.; Frank, V.
Journal article
On-Line Analytical Processing with Conceptual Information Systems (1998)
Stumme, G.
Conference proceedings article
On Modal Testing of Flexible Rotors for Unbalance Identification (1998)
Kreuzinger-Janik, T.; Irretier, H.
Journal article
On the self-calibration of digitally stochastic MAGFET cells (1998)
Rohrer, S.; Hentschke, S.; Reifschneider, N.
Journal article
Optical Active Gallium Arsenide Probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy (1998)
Heisig, S.; Oesterschulze, E.
Journal article