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Many-body calculations of the Lennard-Jones potential for alkali-metal atoms (1998)
Derivianko, A.; Fritzsche, S.
Journal article
Maple procedures for the coupling of angular momenta: II. Sum rule evaluation (1998)
Fritzsche, S.; Varga, S.; Geschke, D.; Fricke, B.
Journal article
Mapping of vibrational wave-packet motion by femtosecond time-resolved kinetic energy time-of-flight mass spectroscopy (KETOF) (1998)
Assion, A.; Baumert, T.; Geisler, M.; Seyfried, V.; Gerber, G.
Journal article
Micromachined fabrication of Si cantilevers with Schottky diodes integrated in the tip (1998)
Leinhos, T.; Stopka, M.; Oesterschulze, E.
Journal article
Microsatellite markers for molecular breeding (1998)
Weising, K.; Winter, P.; Hüttel, B.; Kahl, G.
Journal article