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Targeted gene disruption reveals a role for vacuolin B in the late endocytic pathway and exocytosis (1998)
Jenne, N.; Rauchenberger, R.; Hacker, U.; Kast, T.; Maniak, M.
Journal article
Temperature-Dependent Line Shift and Broadening of CO Infrared Transitions (1998)
Drascher, T.; Giesen, T.; Wang, T.; Schmücker, N.; Schieder, R.; Winnewisser, G.; Joubert, P.; Bonamy, J.
Journal article
The errors due to approximating unbounded elastic bodies by bounded ones (1998)
Specovius-Neugebauer, M.; Nazarov, S.
Journal article
Thermodynamics and environmental policy (1998)
Bünstorf, G.
Journal article
The ultrafast photodissociation of Fe(CO)₅ in the gas phase (1998)
Banares, L.; Baumert, T.; Bergt, M.; Kiefer, B.; Gerber, G.
Journal article