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Handbuch der Semiotik (2000)
Nöth, W.
Authored book
Herrenloß gesinde...' Existenzen am Rande des Minimums (2000)
Flemming, J.
Contribution in edited book
History and Development of Experimental Modal Analysis (2000)
Irretier, H.
Contribution in edited book
High-resolution, very broadband force measurements by solid-state laser transducers (2000)
Holzapfel, W.; Neuschaefer-Rube, S.; Kobusch, M.; Hou, L.
Journal article
Hollow Atoms: A theoretical challenge (2000)
Vaeck, N.; Hansen, J.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.; Zitane, N.; Godefroid, M.; Fritzsche, S.; Kylstra, N.
Journal article
High resolution angle-resolved measurements of Auger emission from the photo-excited 1s(-1)3p state of Ne (2000)
Shimizu, Y.; Yoshida, H.; Okada, K.; Muramatsu, Y.; Saito, N.; Ohashi, H.; Tamenori, Y.; Fritzsche, S.; Kabachnik, N.; Tanaka, H.; Ueda, K.
Journal article