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Towards a semiotics of the cultural other (2001)
Nöth, W.
Journal article
Thixocasting: Processing of light metals in the semi-solid state - Potential and Applications (2001)
Fehlbier, M.; Klaassen, O.; Sahm, P.; Aquilar, J.
Conference proceedings article
Thermal nano-probe (2001)
Rangelow, I.
Journal article
Thixocasting of the A356 and A319 aluminium alloys and infiltration of metal foams (2001)
Fehlbier, M.; Sahm, P.; Aguilar, J.; Klaassen, O.; Brahman, H.; Hintz, C.
Conference proceedings article
Teams in Organisationen: Diagnose und Entwicklung (2001)
Kauffeld, S.; Grote, S.
Journal article