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Confluent monadic string-rewriting systems and automatic structures (2001)
Otto, F.; Ruskuc, N.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
Calculation of reduced coefficients and matrix elements in jj-coupling (2001)
Fritzsche, S.; Gaigalas, G.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
CDK1-mediated phosphorylation of the RIIalpha regulatory subunit of PKA works as a molecular switch that promotes dissociation of RIIalpha from centrosomes at mitosis (2001)
Carlson, C.; Witczak, O.; Vossebein, L.; Labbe, J.; Skalhegg, B.; Keryer, G.; Herberg, F.; Collas, P.; Taskén, K.
Aufsatz in einer Fachzeitschrift
Conceptual Clustering with Iceberg Concept Lattices (2001)
Stumme, G.
Beitrag in einem Tagungsband