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On a structure formula for classical q-orthogonal polynomials (2001)
Koepf, W.; Schmersau, D.
Journal article
One and All in CALL? Learner - Moderator - Researcher (2001)
Finkbeiner, C.
Journal article
On the Performance of Compressor Blades with Contoured Endwalls (2001)
Sievers, N.; Hoeger, M.; Lawerenz, M.
Journal article
Organic livestock farming: a critical review (2001)
Sundrum, A.
Journal article
Oxygen-driven rearrangement of Ag and Au monolayers on W(110) studied by photoemission spectroscopies (2001)
Bürgener, M.; Holzapfel, W.; Meister, G.; Goldmann, A.; Holzapfel, W.
Journal article