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iconicidade na literatura (2003)
Nöth, W.
Journal article
Imagen: Comunicacion, semiotica y medios (2003)
Nöth, W.; Santaella, L.
Authored book
Impact of new technologies in travel surveys (2003)
Sommer, C.; Wermuth, M.
Contribution in edited book
Impact on rumen fermentation when feeding diets supplemented with rapeseed and linseed oil (2003)
Cieślak, A.; Potkański, A.; Szumacher-Strabel, M.; Soliva, C.; Machmüller, A.
Journal article
Implizites Lernen (2003)
Kibele, A.
Contribution in edited book
Improving Design and Usability of an Open-Source e-Learning-Platform in Order to Enhance Acceptance (2003)
Kausch, B.; Balazs, B.; Schmidt, L.; Steltenkamp, V.; Witte, J.; Hoffamnn, T.
Conference proceedings article
Independence of Landmarks of Shapes (2003)
Ziezold, H.
Journal article
Individueller Förderplan zur beruflichen Integration (2003)
Borowski, L.; Kortenbusch, J.; Koch, B.
Contribution in edited book
Influence of convection and grain movement on globular equiaxed solidification (2003)
Wu, M.; Ludwig, A.; Bühring-Polaczek, A.; Fehlbier, M.; Sahm, P.
Journal article