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Abfallrostaschen - ist eine bodenmechanische Klassifizierung sinnvoll? (2003)
Ott, E.; Kempfert, H.
Conference proceedings article
Activity 1.4 Assessment of the potential of tannins in legumes and saponin in tropical fruits to reduce methane in ruminants on grass diets (2003)
Hess, H.; Abreu, A.; Avila, P.; Beuret, R.; Carulla, J.; Lascano, C.; Díaz, T.; Hindrichsen, I.; Kreuzer, M.; Lötscher, M.; Machmüller, A.; Monsalve, L.; Ramirez, G.; Soliva, C.
Conference proceedings article
Airborne biological hazards in different pig fattening systems. (2003)
Diefenbach, H.; Rieger, M.; Lohmeyer, M.; Hartung, E.; Sundrum, A.
Conference proceedings article
Assessing and Modelling Determinants of Domestic Water Use in an Interdisciplinary Context (2003)
Eisentraut, R.; Ernst, A.
Conference proceedings article
A Taxonomy of Visualization Techniques for Simulation in Production and Logistics (2003)
Wenzel, S.; Bernhard, J.; Jessen, U.
Conference proceedings article