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Barley disease resistance gene analogs of the NBS-LRR class: identification and mapping (2003)
Madsen, L.; Collins, N.; Rakwalska, M.; Backes, G.; Sandal, N.; Krusell, L.; Jensen, J.; Waterman, E.; Jahoor, A.; Ayliffe, M.; Pryor, A.; Langridge, P.; Schulze-Lefert, P.; Stougaard, J.
Journal article
Bewirkt Mediengewalt Jugendgewalt? (2003)
Fuchs, M.
Journal article
Bionics: Precise color tuning by interference in nature and technology applications in surface-micromachined 1.55 mu m vertical air-cavity filters (2003)
Hillmer, H.; Daleiden, J.; Prott, C.; Irmer, S.; Maniak, M.; Tarraf, A.; Ataro, E.; Rühling, H.; Romer, F.
Journal article
Biotic indicators of carabid species richness on organically and conventionally managed arable fields (2003)
Döring, T.; Hiller, A.; Wehke, S.; Schulte, G.; Broll, G.
Journal article