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Saponin rich tropical fruits affect fermentation and methanogenesis in faunated and defaunated rumen fluid (2003)
Hess, H.; Kreuzer, M.; Díaz, T.; Lascano, C.; Carulla, J.; Soliva, C.; Machmüller, A.
Journal article
Selection of parameter for on-farm welfare assessment protocols in cattle and buffalo (2003)
Winckler, C.; Carpedeville, J.; Gebresenbet, G.; Hörning, B.; Roiha, U.; Tosi, M.; Waiblinger, S.
Journal article
Self-Addition of a Sterically Hindered Alkynylselenolate. (2003)
Pietschnig, R.; Schäfer, S.; Merz, K.
Journal article
Semantic Web -- State of the Art and Future Directions (2003)
Stumme, G.; Hotho, A.
Journal article
Stabilization of Carbon from maize in a sandy soil in a long-term experiment (2003)
Ludwig, B.; John, B.; Ellerbrock, S.; Kaiser, M.; Flessa, H.
Journal article