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The Catalan numbers re-visit the world series (2003)
Larcombe, P.; Fennessey, E.; Koepf, W.; French, D.
Journal article
The genus Ephedra in NE Tropical Africa (2003)
Freitag, H.; Maier-Stolte, M.
Journal article
The interference effects in the alignment and orientation of the Kr II 4p⁴5p states following Kr I 3d⁹np resonance excitation (2003)
Lagutin, B.; Petrov, I.; Sukhorukov, V.; Demekhin, P.; Zimmermann, B.; Mickat, S.; Kammer, S.; Schartner, K.; Ehresmann, A.; Shutov, Y.; Schmoranzer, H.
Journal article
The weight function for cracks in piezoelectrics (2003)
McMeeking, R.; Ricoeur, A.
Journal article