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20 Jahre Volkszählungsurteil (2003)
Roßnagel, A.
Journal article
Abschied vom Begriff - Abschied vom Konflikt? (2003)
Jürgens, K.
Journal article
A coat of filamentous actin prevents clustering of late-endosomal vacuoles in vivo (2003)
Drengk, A.; Fritsch, J.; Schmauch, C.; Rühling, H.; Maniak, M.
Journal article
Activation of C-terminal Src kinase (Csk) by phosphorylation at serine-364 depends on the Csk-Src homology 3 domain (2003)
Yaqub, S.; Abrahamsen, A.; Zimmermann, B.; Kholod, N.; Torgersen, K.; Mustelin, T.; Herberg, F.; Taskén, K.; Vang, T.
Journal article
A Dictyostelium long chain fatty acyl coenzyme A-synthetase mediates fatty acid retrieval from endosomes (2003)
Löhneysen, K.; Pawolleck, N.; Rühling, H.; Maniak, M.
Journal article
Alteration of exchange anisotropy and magnetoresistance in Co/Cu/Co/FeMn spin valves by ion bombardment (2003)
Engel, D.; Krug, I.; Schmoranzer, H.; Ehresmann, A.; Paetzold, A.; Röll, K.; Ocker, B.; Maass, W.
Journal article