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TEREBES: Welding Helmet With AR Capabilities (2004)
Hillers, B.; Aiteanu, D.; Tschirner, P.; Park, M.; Gräser, A.; Balazs, B.; Schmidt, L.
Conference proceedings article
TEREBES (2004)
Park, M.; Balazs, B.; Schmidt, L.
Tanzen wie auf der Bühne (2004)
Freytag, V.
Journal article
Thixocasting of the Al-alloys AlMg5Si2Mn, AlCu4TiMgAg, AlSi9Mg +20%SiC and production of MMCs by infiltration of metal sponges (2004)
Fehlbier, M.; Grimmig, T.; Aguilar, J.; Bühring-Polaczek, A.
Conference proceedings article
The influence of the vertical structure of grazed mixed swards on diet selection of dairy cows (2004)
Taube, F.; Brzezinski, N.; Sanderson, M.; Wachendorf, M.
Contribution in edited book
Tiergerechtheit auf ökologischen Milchviehbetrieben (2004)
Simantke, C.; Aubel, E.; Hörning, B.
Conference proceedings article