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12. Deutsches Atomrechtssymposium (2004)
Roßnagel, A.; Koch, H.; Schneider, J.; Wieland, J.
Edited book
12: Localization of quantiative trait loci for dryland characters in barley by linkage mapping (2004)
Baum, M.; Grando, S.; Ceccarelli, S.; Backes, G.; Jahoor, A.
Contribution in edited book
15N traced nitrous oxide fluxes from fertilised grassland soils (2004)
Lampe, C.; Dittert, K.; Wachendorf, M.; Sattelmacher, B.; Taube, F.
Contribution in edited book
8: QTLs and genes for disease resistance in barley and wheat (2004)
Jahoor, A.; Eriksen, L.; Backes, G.
Contribution in edited book
Acht Finger digitaler Poetik (2004)
Block, F.
Contribution in edited book
A CSMA/CA-based medium access scheme for array antenna-enhanced wireless ad hoc networks (2004)
Hunziker, T.; Bordim, J.; Ohira, T.; Tanaka, S.
Conference proceedings article