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Parallel Computations (ungarische Übersetzung) (2004)
Ivanyi, A.; Leopold, C.
Contribution in edited book
Patterns of Marketing Practices in Transition Economies (2004)
Wagner, R.; Pels, J.
Conference proceedings article
Performance and N surplus of forage crop rotations (2004)
Wachendorf, M.; Volkers, K.; Trott, H.; Taube, F.
Contribution in edited book
Performance, body nitrogen conversion and nitrogen emission from manure of dairy cows fed diets supplemented with different plant extracts (2004)
Sliwinski, B.; Kreuzer, M.; Sutter, F.; Machmüller, A.; Wettstein, H.
Journal article
Performance of Kalman equalization for the UMT FDD downlink in two-path fading channels (2004)
Dahlhaus, D.; Pesce, M.; Gerlach, H.; Xu, W.
Conference proceedings article