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Schülervorstellungen in der Physik (2004)
Wodzinski, R.; Müller, R.; Hopf, M.
Edited book
Selbstständiges Lernen an Stationen - eine Einführung. (2004)
Stübig, F.
Contribution in edited book
Selective cap opening in carbon nanotubes driven by laser-induced coherent phonons. (2004)
Dumitrică, T.; Garcia, M.; Jeschke, H.; Yakobson, B.
Journal article
Semantic resource management for the web: an e-learning application (2004)
Stumme, G.; Tane, J.; Schmitz, C.
Conference proceedings article
Semantische Technologien für Informationsportale (2004)
Stumme, G.
Conference proceedings
Semiogenesis in the evolution from nature to culture (2004)
Nöth, W.
Contribution in edited book
Semiotic foundations of the study of pictures (2004)
Nöth, W.
Journal article