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Casting of a cold work steel alloy in semi-solid state (2004)
Brahman, H.; Fehlbier, M.; Sahm, P.; Bühring-Polaczek, A.
Journal article
Casting of high alloy steels in the mushy state (2004)
Brahman, H.; Afrath, C.; Grimmig, T.; Fehlbier, M.; Bühring-Polaczek, A.
Journal article
Changes in amino acid enantiomers and microbial performance in soils from a subtropical mountain oasis in Oman abandoned for different periods (2004)
Wichern, F.; Lobe, I.; Amelung, W.; Müller, T.; Jörgensen, R.; Bürkert, A.
Journal article
Computing the real zeros of hypergeometric functions (2004)
Gil, A.; Koepf, W.; Segura, J.
Journal article