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Ich so - Du so. Ein tänzerisches Solo entwickeln (2004)
Freytag, V.
Journal article
ICP assisted sputter deposition of TiC/CaO nanocomposite films (2004)
Kulisch, W.; Colpo, P.; Gibson, P.; Ceccone, G.; Shtansky, D.; Levashov, E.; Rossi, F.
Journal article
Identification of a novel A-kinase anchoring protein 18 isoform and evidence for its role in the vasopressin-induced aquaporin-2 shuttle in renal principal cells (2004)
Henn, V.; Edemir, B.; Stefan, E.; Wiesner, B.; Lorenz, D.; Theilig, F.; Schmitt, R.; Vossebein, L.; Tamma, G.; Beyermann, M.; Krause, E.; Herberg, F.; Valenti, G.; Bachmann, S.; Rosenthal, W.; Klussmann, E.
Journal article
Im Mainstream der Politikdidaktik ? beschauliche Innenansichten. (2004)
Steffens, G.; Moegling, K.
Journal article
Improved outcoupling of light in organic light-emitting devices, utilizing a holographic DFB-structure (2004)
Reinke, N.; Fuhrmann, T.; Perschke, A.; Franke, H.
Journal article
Indoor Air Quality and Biological Impacts on the Workplace in Housing Systems for fattening pigs (2004)
Hartung, E.; Ollesch, K.; Häussermann, A.; Rieger, M.; Diefenbach, H.; Sundrum, A.; Hartung, E.; Rieger, M.; Rieger, M.; Diefenbacher, H.
Journal article