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Rational design of the first closed coordination capsule with octahedral outer shape. (2004)
Mueller, I.; Spillmann, S.; Franck, H.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
Response of alate aphids to green targets on coloured backgrounds (2004)
Döring, T.; Kirchner, S.; Kühne, S.; Saucke, H.
Journal article
Rezentralisierung: Server-Based-Computing in der Praxis einer Universitätsbibliothek (2004)
Steenweg, H.; Jutzi-Blank, G.; Leister, J.
Journal article
Ruminal fermentation, methanogenesis and nitrogen utilization of sheep receiving tropical grass hay-concentrate diets offered with Sapindus saponaria fruits and Cratylia argentea foliage (2004)
Hess, H.; Beu, A.; Lötscher, M.; Hindrichsen, I.; Machmüller, A.; Carulla, J.; Lascano, C.; Kreuzer, M.
Journal article