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Theologische Gespräche mit Kindern in der Grundschule. (2005)
Freudenberger-Lötz, P.
Journal article
The genesis of Urban Landscape: The Pearl River Delta in South China (2005)
Ipsen, D.; Li, Y.; Weichler, H.
Authored book
Trans-ethyl methyl ether in space. A new look at a complex molecule in selected hot core regions (2005)
Fuchs, G.; Fuchs, U.; Giesen, T.; Wyrowski, F.
Journal article
Towards Model-Driven Management (2005)
Geihs, K.
Contribution in edited book
The Changing Role of the International Dimension of Higher Education (2005)
Teichler, U.
Contribution in edited book
Terphenyl phosphanosilanes. (2005)
Pietschnig, R.; Tirree, J.
Conference proceedings article
The beginnings of Indian nuclear policies (2005)
Bieber, H.
Conference proceedings article