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Zum Begriff des Supply Chain Controlling - Ergebnisse einer Delphi-Studie (2005)
Westhaus, M.; Seuring-Stella, S.
Journal article
Endosymbiosis, cell evolution, and speciation (2005)
Kutschera, U.
Conference proceedings article
Finite Element Techniques for Dynamic Crack Analysis in Piezoelectrics (2005)
Enderlein, M.; Ricoeur, A.; Kuna, M.
Journal article
First results of a meta-analysis of the methane emission data of New Zealand ruminants (2005)
Machmüller, A.; Clark, H.
Conference proceedings article
Noise-modulated optomechatronic distance-measuring system (2005)
Baetz, W.; Holzapfel, W.
Journal article
Effect of rapeseed, sunflower or linseed oil supplementation on methane production in vitro and in vivo (2005)
Cieślak, A.; Soliva, C.; Potkański, A.; Szumacher-Strabel, M.; Machmüller, A.
Conference proceedings article
Future Challenges for Doctoral Studies in Germany (2005)
Teichler, U.
Contribution in edited book