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On higher order homological finiteness of rewriting systems (2005)
Pride, S.; Otto, F.
Journal article
On low frequency disc-brake vibrations (2005)
Hetzler, H.; Seemann, W.
Journal article
On state-alternating context-free grammars (2005)
Otto, F.; Hofbauer, D.; Huber, M.; Moriya, E.
Journal article
On the origin of ion bombardment induced Exchange Bias modifications in polycrystalline layers (2005)
Ehresmann, A.; Junk, D.; Engel, D.; Paetzold, A.; Röll, K.
Journal article
Organic solid-state ultraviolet-laser based on spiro-terphenyl (2005)
Spehr, T.; Siebert, A.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.; Salbeck, J.; Rabe, T.; Riedl, T.; Kowalsky, H.; Wang, J.; Weimann, T.; Hinze, P.
Journal article
Origin and age of Australian Chenopodiaceae (2005)
Kadereit, G.; Gotzek, D.; Jacobs, S.; Freitag, H.
Journal article