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Scenarios of freshwater fish extinctions from climate change and water withdrawal (2005)
Xenopoulous, M.; Lodge, D.; Alcamo, J.; Märker, M.; Schulze, K.; Vuuren, D.
Journal article
Selbst-Eigenschaften in verteilten Systemen (2005)
Fromm, J.; Zapf, M.
Journal article
Self-Organization in Distributed e‑Business Systems (2005)
Fromm, J.; Zapf, M.; Geihs, K.
Journal article
Semiotics for biologists (2005)
Nöth, W.
Journal article
Short-term effects of single or combined application of mineral N fertilizer and cattle slurry on the fluxes of radiatively active trace gases from grassland soil (2005)
Dittert, K.; Lampe, C.; Gasche, R.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Wachendorf, M.; Papen, H.; Sattelmacher, B.; Taube, F.
Journal article
Shrinking multi-pushdown automata (2005)
Holzer, M.; Otto, F.
Journal article

Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz durch Biometrie

Hornung, G.; Steidle, R.
Journal article