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Corporate sustainability reporting - An overview (2006)
Herzig, C.; Schaltegger, S.
Contribution in edited book
Crop Agronomy in Organic Agriculture: Organic Agriculture – A Global Perspective (2006)
von Fragstein und Niemsdorff, P.; Kristiansen, P.
Contribution in edited book
Conceptualising Sustainable Supply Chain Management (2006)
Seuring-Stella, S.; Müller, M.
Conference proceedings article
Correlation effects on the charge radii of exotic nuclei (2006)
Tomaselli, M.; Kuhl, T.; Ursescu, D.; Fritzsche, S.
Journal article
Control of higher order antibunching (2006)
Garcia, M.
Journal article
Constructing third space. The principles of reciprocity and cooperation (2006)
Finkbeiner, C.
Contribution in edited book
Challenges to organic potato farming: Disease and nutrient management (2006)
Finckh, M.; Schulte Geldermann, E.; Bruns, C.
Journal article