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Calculation of conductance spectra of silver clusters on graphite (2006)
De Menech, M.; Saalmann, U.; Garcia, M.
Journal article
Case Study Research in the field of Sustainable Supply Chain Management (2006)
Seuring-Stella, S.; Müller, M.; Morana, R.
Conference proceedings article
Challenges to organic potato farming: Disease and nutrient management (2006)
Finckh, M.; Schulte Geldermann, E.; Bruns, C.
Journal article
Changing Views in Europe about Diversification in Higher Education (2006)
Teichler, U.
Contribution in edited book
Characterization of A-kinase-anchoring disruptors using a solution based assay (2006)
Stokka, A.; Gesellchen, F.; Carlson, C.; Scott, J.; Herberg, F.; Taskén, K.
Journal article
Church-Rosser groups and growing context-sensitive groups (2006)
Kambites, M.; Otto, F.
Authored book