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Heavy soil loading and its consequence for soil structure, strength, and deformation of arable soils (2006)
Peth, S.; Horn, R.; Fazekas, O.; Richard, S.; Brian G.
Journal article
High-affinity AKAP7delta-protein kinase A interaction yields novel protein kinase A anchoring disruptor peptides (2006)
Hundsrucker, C.; Krause, G.; Beyermann, M.; Prinz, A.; Zimmermann, B.; Diekmann, O.; Lorenz, D.; Stefan, E.; Nedvetsky, P.; Dathe, M.; Christian, F.; McSorley, T.; Krause, E.; McConnachie, G.; Herberg, F.; Scott, J.; Rosenthal, W.; Klussmann, E.
Journal article
High resolution rotation inversion spectroscopy on doubly deuterated ammonia, ND2H, up to 2.6 THz (2006)
Endres, C.; Müller, H.; Brünken, S.; Paveliev, D.; Giesen, T.; Schlemmer, S.; Lewen, F.
Journal article