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Laser-induced phonon-phonon interactions in bismuth (2006)
Zijlstra, E.; Tatarinova, L.; Garcia, M.
Journal article
Laser manipulation of nanodiamonds (2006)
Garcia, M.
Journal article
Lifetime distribution of notched components containing void defects (2006)
Besel, M.; Brückner-Foit, A.
Journal article
Light emission and wave guiding of quantum dots in a tube (2006)
Mendach, S.; Songmuang, R.; Kiravittaya, S.; Rastelli, A.; Benyoucef, M.; Schmidt, O.
Journal article
Light-emitting biological photonic crystals - The bioengineering of metamaterials (2006)
Kucki, M.; Landwehr, S.; Rühling, H.; Maniak, M.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.
Journal article