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Magnetic and chemical properties of Co₂MnSi thin films compared to the Co₂MnSi/Al-O interface (2006)
Schmalhorst, J.; Sacher, M.; Höink, V.; Reiss, G.; Hütten, A.; Engel, D.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Marcus t-contextual grammars and cut hierarchies and monotonicity for restarting automata (2006)
Mraz, F.; Otto, F.; Platek, M.; Jurdzinski, T.
Journal article
Mating-type locus control of killer toxins from Kluyveromyces lactis and Pichia acaciae (2006)
Klassen, R.; Jablonowski, D.; Stark, M.; Schaffrath, R.; Meinhardt, F.
Journal article
Membrane elastic fluctuations and the insertion and tilt of beta-barrel proteins (2006)
Marsh, D.; Shanmugavadivu, B.; Kleinschmidt, J.
Journal article