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Obstbau in einer Bergoase im Norden Omans. (2006)
Gebauer, J.; Nagieb, M.; Bürkert, A.
Journal article
On consistency of redescending M-kernel smoothers (2006)
Hillebrand, M.; Müller, C.
Journal article
On Micromechanical Damage Modelling Of Fibre Reinforced Composites (2006)
Matzenmiller, A.; Kurnatowski, B.
Journal article
Optimal estimates for the pressure stabilization method: the nonlinear problem (2006)
Specovius-Neugebauer, M.; Nazarov, S.
Journal article
Optimization of segmented linear Paul traps and transport of stored particles (2006)
Schulz, S.; Poschinger, U.; Singer, K.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.
Journal article
Ordered GaAs quantum dot arrays on GaAs(001): Single photon emission and fine structure splitting (2006)
Kiravittaya, S.; Benyoucef, M.; Zapf-Gottwick, R.; Rastelli, A.; Schmidt, O.
Journal article